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Tesla Releases Model 3 Its Electric Car for the Masses

Tesla Releases Model 3 Its Electric Car for the Masses The opening of Tesla Motors Inc. yesterday a new electric vehicle has the character of the release of the long queue of iPhone consumers are enthusiastic, brilliant product and CEO in a simple black T-shirt.
Little information has been published three new models, but cheaper than the range of $ 35,000 price tag and 215 miles from Tesla machine bid to become the mass of the car manufacturers.
orders from all over the world for the machine has reached 115,000 and held overnight rise, selling more than the total number of electric vehicles in the United States last year. Tesla has more than 100,000 cars on the road, at the end of last year.
Tesla Releases Model 3 Its Electric Car for the Masses

Tesla Releases Model 3 Its Electric Car for the Masses

It took three cars to get there, said CEO and Chairman of the manufacturer, Elon Musk.
"With the new technology, and scale require several iterations before making accessible" moss during an event at the Design Center in Hawthorne, California.
Companies are still some obstacles, such as production delays and the lack of a strong network of dealers. But moss expect electric vehicles for many years to solve the masses. Model S and Model X or sell for around $ 70,000 to over $ 120,000 so far remained largely a niche product.
"The X and S are what you pay for the development of model 3" Musk said, describing how the (not so) secret aircraft Manager.
Tesla Releases Model 3 Its Electric Car for the Masses This car has an EPA rating of 215 miles per charge. The basic model is, as the Model S to accelerate twice from zero to 60 mph in six seconds, though some models can go faster. It will take five "comfort", by pressing the front, but kept the front and rear trunk previous models. The basic model is on autopilot, including equipment. A glass plates that cover the roofs of cars, sleek appearance.
Musk Suitable additional bells and whistles that can change the price for those who choose to rise. Before the official announcement, he promised a "part 2" closer to production reveals.
A "new normal" for EV MARKET
Tesla Releases Model 3 Its Electric Car for the Masses
Sales of electric vehicles in the United States totaled 420,000 in 2010, far below the goal of President Obama million. Various finite and limited sales before charging infrastructure.
About two dozen battery and plug-in electric vehicle models, with Toyota Motor Corp., General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co., Volkswagen AG and other major manufacturers were sold in the US market last year. Hyundai Motor Co. has just announced a series Ioniq, including hybrid, electric and plug-in hybrid version. Most of the beaches are less than 100 miles.
But things change.
General Motors announced the Chevrolet Bolt, of $ 37,500 with a range of 200 miles, which could cost in January. It could happen later this year.
Tack on a federal tax credit of $ 7,500 for government incentives and model 3 and screws can sell for less than $ 30,000.
"Both GM and Tesla ad sets a new standard for EV market for cars in 2017," said John Boesel, President and CEO of CALSTART, clean technology transportation sector group in California, which represents both cars among its members.
"All the other manufacturers offer similar products to be competitive," he said.
Tesla estimates that 3 Model. exit Fremont, California helped push the plant to 500,000 vehicles per year.
line challenge?
Tesla Releases Model 3 Its Electric Car for the Masses
At this speed musk, the company requires that all current world production of lithium-ion batteries. The Gigafactory now in Nevada starting next year for the supply of batteries Tesla.
"It's a big step from a technology company has a kind of attempt to be, first of all, a global car," said Jack Nerad, executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book. "This is a complicated issue, also financed for the victims and the government to join the competition."
Other manufacturers have more leeway, he said, because they can spread the cost of developing a number of cars and sales of electric vehicles for the same loss.
Consumer Reports says that Tesla might be worse than the average, including global problems last fall as part of an annual survey on the reliability of the car after previously raved about the car company. tesla owners have a system drive, connected device that injured party, and the creaking and vibrating body, according to the survey.
distribution model companies also avoid the dealer to window manufacturers self-management, the existing 215 worldwide. Tesla plans to double by the end of next year.
Musk said that the products to put back on the traditional distribution mode. But Kenneth Elias, partner with Maryann Keller & Associates, a consulting company in the automotive industry, was skeptical.
Tesla Releases Model 3 Its Electric Car for the Masses "Brand Chevrolet is not the hallmark of a Tesla, but they need the support of the [3000] Chevrolet dealership," said Elias. "Everybody likes the idea of ​​buying a car over the Internet, but n is not the reality."
The company also has had problems with the launch of the X model year of production plans end of the stick. Musk shrugged laughter during his announcement, saying "quite confident" is the Model 3 will stay on schedule.
fans excited
Tesla Releases Model 3 Its Electric Car for the Masses
The lines across the country set up to Tesla showroom, where to get $ 1,000 subscribers place on the waiting list. Tesla opened online pre-order it last night, ahead of schedule, to avoid overloading the server.
Some people in Santa Monica has started alignment Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles Times. In Washington, the showroom on K Street, more than a hundred people waiting at 10 am, when the doors open.
Esteban Escobar, 34, is the first in. After driving in Hagerstown, Md., She said that she was waiting from 05:00
Tesla Releases Model 3 Its Electric Car for the Masses "I slipped at 1:30 am, my wife and I do not know," he joked.
"It shows that he likes this machine," interrupted his friend, Doug Guess Ford, 31
"I want an electric car for a while, but I was able Tesla S or X," said Escobar. He said that he could not even take the car in two years, when it comes out, depending on where you live, or what other options exist, but put his name on the waiting list will keep its options open.
Guess Ford pushed already become the electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf "Tesla poor people," he said, but also set its name to a third
"I was expecting something like this for a while 'the long term, price, style," he said.
Coffee in hand, under the direction of two cars while Escobar, Scion xB, 2008.
"A Box", Escobar laughed before driving.
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